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This group deals with all open source software available to photographers. It intends to be a forum to share experiences and advances in the area of OSP. From image post-processing using the GIMP, sharing plug-in experiences and scripts, to open source tools used for creating and tone mapping HDR images, and much more. We intend to cover the hottest pieces of open source photography software. You can start getting familiar with all the options you have by checking the big picture.

We just started implementing it, and in the next days it is our intention to add a lot of content. We regard this wiki as a powerful tool, a companion to the Flickr group and invite everyone to add here the description of their recipes and secrets of the trade, for everyone's benefit.

Open Source Photo Of The Week

We will be displaying here the photo selected by the group administrators as the Photo of the Week, hopefully with a short explanation by the author of the way it was taken. We want to do that through a friendly contest. We would be very proud if you joined this initiative, by posting your best pictures into the Open Source Photo of the Week (ends March 31).

Here is last week's winner:

Rubber Ducky by rutty

rutty says:
My rubber ducky - taken as it was looking through my +10 close-up filter.

I then went completely bonkers in the Curves dialogue in the GIMP.

Taken for the "natural frame" assignment for TACWD&D, although I suspect that it's a little too contrived for that. Still, I bloody love this image!

First Tutorial: How the Group logo was made


We started writing the first tutorial in this Wiki. We have chosen to explain how the Group "Open Source Photography (OSP)" icon was made. It is a simple technique, but a very useful one to have as part of our digital darkroom, as it is the basis for other work we may want to perform. The same applies for "Cutouts" and "Clones". It will also introduce you to the power of the Gimp's "Layers" feature.

Starting from the end of the story, the icon was made from a simple crop of this cloning photography, using flickr icon tool

You can find this tutorial under GIMP resources.

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