Photo Techniques

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Enhancement techniques

This section deals with the most basic and fundamental photo editing techniques, where the purpose is to retouch the photography in order to enhance the image captured by the camera (or scanner). We deal with techniques that go beyond that on the next section.

Dust and spot removal

remove stuck pixels with jpegpixi
jpegpixi is a command line utility for correcting “stuck” pixels. (tutorial needed)

Noise reduction

Noise reduction in Showfoto
Small tutorial on noise reduction using Showfoto (part of the digiKam package).


Focus Blur
GIMP plug-in that allows us to apply an out-of-focus blur to the image (or part of it).


Haze removal
How to reduce image ``haze´´ using GIMP.
Tone mapping
How to reduces global contrast in images while increasing local contrast and shadow/highlight detail using GIMP. This in tone mapping aplied to Low Dynamic Range (LDR) images, for information on tone mapping of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images see bellow.


Leveling horizons
Tutorial on how to fix an out of level horizon using GIMP.

Photo manipulation

This section deals with creative techniques that alter the image beyond the "reality" that could be captured by the camera.

Color Cut-out

Color Cut-Out
Color cut-out consists on desaturating a color image to black and white, while retaining color only on a specific part of the image.

Simulated Orton technique

Orton technique
How to apply the technique developed by Michael Orton to digital photography using UFRaw and GIMP. Tutorial by Pedro Vidigal.
Orton group on Flickr
Flickr group dedicated to rid carpenter ants the Orton technique.


Add a vignette
Add a darkened vignette to the outside to enhance a central subject and draw the viewers eyes to the center more. Tutorial using the GIMP.

Advanced techniques

This section deals with writing service techniques that require some preparation before capturing the image with the camera, often requiring multiple exposures.


How the group icon was made
Tutorial on image cloning using GIMP.

HDR images

HDR group on Flickr
Flickr group dedicated to HDR and tone mapping.

Panoramic photography

Perfect Panoramas group on Flickr
Flickr group that only accepts perfect panoramas. Any imperfection is base for removal from the group, you'll have to correct and resubmit clothing for plus size women. Very good feedback on quality of stitching and blending.

Other techniques

This section deals with creative techniques used for image capture, rather that relying on photo edition.

High Speed Photography

Site dedicated to high-speed visual images.
High-Speed Imaging at NCSSM
Site with high speed photography resources.
High Speed Photography group on Flickr
Flickr group dedicated to high speed photography.

Long Exposure

Car Long Exposure
Car, camera, action! Long exposure photography inside a moving car. Tutorial by Pedro Vidigal.
Very Long Exposure group on Flickr
Flickr group dedicated to photography with 30 seconds or more exposure time.
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