Split Toning

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This tutorial was last tested for the Gimp 2.2.13

The basis of this tutorial was taken from a post in the GIMP Users group on Flickr by rore explaining how to do the Split toning effect using GIMP.


Here is the original photo by Louise next to the photo with the Split toning effect applied.

380425484_34fb072927.jpg 380425423_8847048c7a.jpg
Original Final

The original photo on the left than can be viewed here.

(BTW The original photo looks wider, it is an optical illusion, they are both 333x500 pixels)


You need to install the Split toning script from the GIMP registry.

For instructions on how to install the script read the GIMP scripts page.


  1. Go to <Image> / Filters / Enhance / Split toning…
  2. Click "Ok".


  1. You can adjust how much the different colours effect the final image by adjusting the Opacity sliders of the level.
  2. You can adjust the opacity levels in the dialog box or after the script has completed, same effect.
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